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The Father of Speculative Zoology

Science writing  +  Palaeontology  +  Art  +  Geology  +  Stop-motion animation


With a model of a Strida - the beast of burden used on Greenworld

Born 1947 amongst the Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) strata of Dumfries, in southern Scotland.

Educated University of St Andrews (still Lower Carboniferous) graduating with two degrees in geology and teaching aids.

Scientific education and artistic inclination led to a career in publishing, as earth science editor for encyclopaedias (over the Tertiary London Clay) and natural history books (amongst the Jurassic of Dorset).

Became full-time writer in 1980 specializing in palaeontology and alternative evolution.

Still lives in Dorset, with wife Jean.

Evening job (fun job) running local cinema, for which he creates acclaimed stop-motion animation shorts. 



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