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A Zoology of the Future

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Republished after forty years, After Man is the seminal work of speculative biology. 

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After Man is a beautifully illustrated account of the earths life and of its development. It explains clearly the evolutionary process is at work of this remarkable planet and man’s striking influence on its natural history.


The future world is described as if by a time-traveller from today who has voyaged to the world of that time and has studied its fauna. Such a traveller will have some knowledge of today’s animal life and so he can describe things with reference to the types of animals that will be familiar to the reader. His report is written in the present tense as if addressed to fellow time travellers who have voyage to the same period And wish to explore the world for themselves.


Sit back, fellow time travellers, and enjoy the spectacle and drama of the evolution of life on your planet.

After Man Exhibition Open!

For those fortunate enough to be in Japan, an unmissable opportunity to see the world After Man in detailed new models and spectacular animations.


The Exhibition “After Man, A Zoology of the Future” runs until the 23rd January 2022 at Fukuoka City Science Museum.

Exclusive! A never-before seen inhabitant of the world After Man designed by Dougal for this exhibition.

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