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Come and get your books signed!

I shall be autographing copies of AFTER MAN - 40TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION at TETZOOCON this week-end (Sat-Sun 2nd-3rd December) in King's College, Strand. See you there.

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AFTER MAN; 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION should be available to you on 20th January. This will be the full AFTER MAN book, as partially revised in 2018, but with an added section on how I came up w


5 days ago

Dear Dougal Dixon:

I would like you to give me permission to use creatures from your great and famous work After Man: A Zoology of the Future and if possible the Future is Wild because despite having the imagination to create or change concepts of the evolution of animals such as the concept of predator rats that instead of taking the niche of big cats they take the niche of foxes, coyotes, wolves and other canids while the descendants of domestic dogs would take the place of big cats or descendants of domestic cats taking a niche similar to the honey badger around the world with variations depending on the ecosystem in which it lives, making it intimidating even for…

5 days ago
Replying to

Also I'm a spanish speaker and I love your work, many people from the speculative evolution community no matter if they are north americans, latinamericans, europeans, asians, etc. love all your work, especially After Man, Man After Man and The New Dinosaur

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