• Dougal Dixon


AFTER MAN; 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION should be available to you on 20th January. This will be the full AFTER MAN book, as partially revised in 2018, but with an added section on how I came up with the idea, how I developed it, and how it went on to produce spin-off events like exhibitions, television programmes and animations. Full of photographs and original drawings. You are going to enjoy this!

While on the subject, I understand the Japanese exhibition in Fukuoka is going very well. Unfortunately because of restrictions I am unable to attend.

Likewise I have been unable to visit the German theme park exhibit in the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen. But this seems to be closed until April anyway.

It looks as if I can get no closer to my own work than any of you out there, and have to look at it on the internet!

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